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About Lydie Marshall

Table of FoodLydie Marshall has taught cooking for over 30 years, in both America and France. She started her cooking school 1970 in the kitchen of her Greenwich Village brownstone and it became, according to Mimi Sheraton in The New York Times, "A no-nonsense place that is the best in town"  In 1992, Lydie moved her school to her restored medieval chateau in Nyons, the olive capital of Provence. There, with charm and enthusiasm, she continues to teach good regional cooking through participatory classes using her renowned recipes, whose ingredients and techniques are perfectly synchronized with American availability and kitchens.

The author of four cookbooks: Cooking with Lydie Marshall, A Passion for Potatoes, A Passion for My Provence (orginally titled Chez Nous), and Soup of the Day, Lydie Marshall is currently at work on a new book about braising, stews, and casseroles to be published in 2005 by Harper Collins. Her articles have appeared in Food & Wine, The New York Times, Pleasures ofLydie and Alexandre Cooking, and Gourmet.

Lydie Marshall teaches how to cook with style, thrift and taste as well as a concern for diet.  As Alexandre Dumaine, the great 20th-century chef, said: "There is only one kind of cooking, good cooking"; and that is Lydie's philosophy and teaching approach.